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Record leave information when you process your payroll
A new Leave Tracking Information window in the Process Payroll assistant allows you to record leave information. You can enter the hours of leave taken, the date the leave started and the date the leave ended. Note that you can only enter leave tracking information for wage categories that are linked to entitlements, for example, Holiday Pay.
Note also that if you record leave in timesheets, entering a leave date does not change the original timesheet entry date.
To record employee leave information
In the Payroll command centre, click Process Payroll. The Process Payroll Assistant appears.
In the Select Pay Period window of the Process Payroll Assistant, select employees to pay and enter pay dates.
Click Next. The Select & Edit Employee’s Pay window appears.
Click on the zoom arrow () next to the employee you want to enter leave information for. The Pay Employee window appears.
Click the zoom arrow () in the Hours column of a leave payroll category. The Leave Tracking Information window appears.
Enter the leave details.
Click OK.
The leave pay amount now appears in the Amount column of the Pay Employee window.
Also, if you have selected the option to automatically adjust base pay amount details for employees who take leave, the Base Salary or Base Hourly amount is adjusted in the Amount column.
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