Synchronise your Accounting cards with Outlook

With the Outlook Sync feature, you can use either your Accounting Cards List or Microsoft Outlook as your main business contact directory. One simple process keeps your Outlook Contact Lists in synch with your Accounting Cards List.

You can even choose which card types to transfer, so Personal or Employee card details, for example, are kept where you want them. You can improve your Contact Management through the use of Outlook features to create, organise and track your contact communication.

You decide which of these results you want when you synchronise:

When you synchronise from your Cards List to Outlook, all the cards you select are updated or added to Outlook in the corresponding MYOB Customer, MYOB Supplier, MYOB Employee or MYOB Personal folders. These Outlook folders are created if they don't already exist. You have an option to transfer your cards to the default Outlook Contacts folder, which is the location required for sharing with your PDA.

For more information, see Synchronising MYOB cards with Outlook contacts.