If you want to undo your last bank reconciliation

You can now easily undo your last bank reconciliation. That is, after you've successfully reconciled an account using MYOB Accounting, you can reverse the action of reconciling cheques and deposits. You may, for example, find that you've cleared and reconciled the wrong transaction. Using Undo Reconciliation, you can easily return the transactions included on the reconciliation to an "unreconciled" status; the transaction will again appear in the Reconcile Accounts window.

Only a single reconciliation can be undone at one time -- the last one, but you can undo a reconciliation a number of times in succession.

Because the undo process can't be reversed, we strongly recommend that you back up your company file before you begin the Undo Reconciliation. If, after you undo a reconciliation, you decide that you shouldn't have, you can restore your backup. Without a backup, you will have to perform the reconciliation over again.

For more information, see Undoing the last reconciliation.