Track stock items using multiple locations

This topic applies to you only if you're using MYOB Accounting Plus.

You now have the option to track stock items using multiple locations. A location can be a building or it can be an aisle or bin; you can define the locations that suit your business. When you purchase an item, you can select the location where the item will be stored. When you sell the item, you can select which location the item will be sold from.

You'll define locations using the Location Information window. In addition to descriptive information about the location, you can activate or inactivate the location and indicate whether items can be sold or shipped from the location - that is, whether the location appears on Select From Lists for Sales transactions.

Once locations are defined, you can move items among these locations using the Move Items window. (Moving stock between locations)

Use the following reports to track your item movements:

For more information: Using multiple locations for stock