The new Pay Liabilities window provides a quick, easy way to pay your accrued payroll liabilities

When you create an employee paycheque in MYOB Accounting, the amounts designated for deduction, employer expenses and taxes are not paid to the employee nor are they automatically paid to the appropriate supplier. The amounts are assigned to the linked creditors account you selected for each payroll category and are accrued liabilities. It is then up to you to create payments for these liabilities according to your schedule.

Previously, you had to keep track of your liabilities and create Spend Money transactions to pay them. Now you can use the new Pay Liabilities window to display a list accrued payroll liabilities by selecting the supplier you want to pay, the time period and the category type. Then just mark the payments you want to process.

There are also two new reports related to payroll liabilities that can be very useful:

For more information: Paying accrued payroll liabilities.