Your custom forms and reports templates must be copied to MYOB FirstEdge

If you've created custom forms and custom reports using a previous MYOB product, those documents won't be copied to your MYOB FirstEdge Version 4 folder when you upgrade your company file for use with FirstEdge. You'll have to copy those forms yourself, using the Finder.

Custom forms and custom reports created in previous versions of FirstEdge are stored in folders located inside your MYOB folder (the folder that contains your FirstEdge application icon).

Reports are stored in the CUSTOM folder and custom forms are stored in the FORMS folder.

If you're unfamiliar with the Finder and you need more detailed information about copying and pasting files, please consult the documentation that accompanied your computer.

In the folder containing the previous MYOB product, look for the folders called FORMS (for custom forms) and CUSTOM (for custom reports). Copy the files in the previous versions's folder to the folder of the same name in the current version.

Important: Some custom reports created in an earlier version of FirstEdge may not work