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In MYOB BusinessBasics, most of the actual accounting entries -- the debits and credits that show up in the Transaction Journal window and elsewhere -- are hidden from view. This speeds transaction entry and makes it easier for users to make the most of their MYOB software even if they don't have much accounting experience. Linked accounts make this possible.

When you created your company file, linked accounts were set up for you automatically. If you set up your company's information using the Easy Setup Assistant, you were asked to review the selections that were made for you, to be sure they're the best choices for your business.

When you create a new detail account, you can set up the linked account as part of the process. See To link an account to a transaction type.

You can change your linked accounts at any time; any changes you make will be reflected in the transactions you create after that point. Any transactions you created earlier won't be affected in any way, however.

Click a category below to learn the linked accounts associated with the category and where the linked accounts will be used:

Accounts & Banking Accounts linked accounts

Sales linked accounts

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To change Accounts and Banking Accounts linked accounts
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