Use these topics to create and prepare your MYOB BusinessBasics company file for everyday use. Setup tasks ensure that your everyday tasks in BusinessBasics will be much faster and easier to do, and that your reports will be accurate and informative.

Creating a company file

Your company file is used to store all the details about your business -- customer lists, items, invoices and the like. (If you keep books for more than one business, you may have two or more company files.) MYOB BusinessBasics's New Company File Assistant makes creating your company file easy.

Setting up your company

After you've created your company file, use the Easy Setup Assistant to add general information about your company, your customers, items and the like.

Setting your BusinessBasics preferences

Choose preferences that will customise BusinessBasics to suit the way you work.

Creating and using passwords

If other people will be working with BusinessBasics -- or will have access to your computer -- consider setting up passwords to protect sensitive company information. You can create passwords that excludes parts of BusinessBasics from part-time salespeople, while allowing yourself access to all parts of the system.

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