Accounts Table of Contents

Maintaining accounts
Working with Nominal Journal entries

Changing account levels
To change an account's level

Changing basic account information
To change an account's basic information

Changing Nominal Journal entries
To change a transaction

Changing linked accounts
To change Accounts and Banking Accounts linked accounts

To change Sales linked accounts

Creating accounts
To add an account

To record a Nominal Journal entry
To make a journal entry

To assign a line item on a Record Journal entry to more than one job

Deleting Nominal Journal entries
To delete a transaction

Finding Nominal Journal entries
To find a transaction

Inactivating accounts
To inactivate (or reactivate) an account

Linking accounts
Using linked accounts

Recording depreciation
To record depreciation

Removing accounts
To delete an account

Reversing Nominal Journal entries
To reverse a transaction

Transferring funds
To transfer funds using the Record Journal Entry window

Using recurring General Journal transactions
To create a recurring template

To record a recurring transaction

To find a recurring template

To change a recurring template

To delete a recurring template

Jobs Table of Contents

Using jobs

Adding jobs
Adding a new job

Assigning transactions to jobs
Tip 1: Look for the Job column in transaction entry windows

Tip 2: Don't forget to assign all line items in a transaction to the appropriate jobs

Deleting jobs
To delete a job

Finding jobs
To find a job

Inactivating jobs
To inactivate (or reactivate) a job

Printing lists of your jobs
To print lists that contain job-related information

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