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Timesheets are used to record hours worked by hourly employees and form the basis of their pays. If you pay employees for time-billing activities, you can also enter activity details on timesheets and use these details to create activity slips.
The timesheet feature is optional. If your hourly employees work a fixed number of hours per pay and you don’t pay employees for time-billing activities, there’s no need for you to use this feature. If you do want to use it, you need to set a preference.
When you record timesheet information for a pay period, you include the timesheet details in employee pays. For more information, see Processing your payroll.
You can also create a timesheet entry from the Activity Slip view of the Enter Activity Slip window by selecting the Include Hours on Timesheet option. This allows you to enter greater detail about the activity. See Creating activity slips.
To set up timesheets
Go to the Setup menu and choose Preferences. The Preferences window appears.
Click the System tab.
Select the I Use Timesheets for [...] and My Week Starts on [...] preference.
time billing and payroll information, select Time Billing and Payroll from the I Use Timesheets for [...] list.
payroll information only, select Payroll from the I Use Timesheets for [...] list.
Select the first day of your pay week from the My Week Starts on [...] list. If your pay period starts on a different day each period, for example, you pay monthly, you can select any day.
To enter a timesheet
Each hourly employee has a weekly timesheet. For each employee, you enter weekly timesheet hours in the Enter Timesheet window.
Go to the Time Billing command centre and click Enter Timesheet. The Enter Timesheet window appears.
In the Employee field, type or select the employee’s name. The employee’s timesheet, with any previously entered details for the period shown, appears.
A grey value in a date field indicates hours paid.
enter the daily hours for each payroll category worked
For each payroll category, type or select an hourly payroll category in the Payroll Category field and enter the daily hours worked in the date fields.
record time‑billing details (depending on your selection in the Preferences window)
use the same details as the previous week
Click Copy From Previous. The employee’s timesheet details for the previous week appear.
use the recurring details on the employee’s card
Click Use Recurring Pay Details.
The payroll category hours appear in the first column of each timesheet in the pay period. (This number is the annualised value of the hours listed in the Card Information window, divided by the weeks in a year.)
You will need to distribute the hours over the days of the week to accurately reflect the employee’s actual hours.
For employees who are paid weekly, there is one timesheet per pay period.
For employees who are paid every two weeks, twice a month or monthly, there is more than one timesheet per pay period.
For employees who are paid twice a month and monthly, the timesheet may span more than one pay period and the first day’s column may not be the first day of the pay period.
You can remove unpaid entries on a timesheet at any time. For more information, see Delete timesheet entries.
Click Close.
If you recorded time-billing activity details on this timesheet, an activity slip is created. You can review or modify the activity slip information in the Enter Activity Slip window or the Enter Timesheet window.
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