Receive items without a supplier's bill using the Receive Items feature

Now, when you enter quantities in the Receive Item view of the Enter Purchases window, you'll indicate that the stock item has been received but no supplier bill has been included with the item. That is, you've received the item, but you're not sure of the exact purchase price you will be billed for the item.

When you enter a quantity using the Receive Items feature, the quantity is added to your on-hand stock, but the purchase price you enter for the item isn't allocated to your Trade Creditors account. The amount that you enter on the purchase for the item that you "receive" will be allocated to a Trade Creditors accrual account (the linked Liability Account for Item Receipts) that you'll specify.

When you receive the bill from the supplier, you'll record the bill with the correct purchase price. At that time -- when you record the bill -- the purchase price will be allocated to your Trade Creditors account and the "received" purchase price will be removed from the accrual account.

If you've ever received the alert message, "The purchase of item xxx would leave you with no items on hand and a non-zero value in stock', using the new Receive Items feature will prevent you from receiving it in the future.

Notes:  If you've upgraded from a previous MYOB product: The use of the Received column for purchases has changed

Upgraders: To continue entering item purchases as you always have

For more information, see Receiving stock. Upgraders: To create and link the liability account (A/P Accrual - Stock) for item receipts, see To add an account and To link an account.